Wikileaks Reveals State Dept Deal with Spain In Black Swan Treasure Lawsuit

Wikileaks Reveals State Dept Deal with Spain In Black Swan Treasure Lawsuit
Among the thousands of documents released by WikiLeaks are several U.S. diplomatic cables describing how U.S. ambassadors were helping Spain in their cause — partly to help broker a deal to bring a famous painting in Spain to a U.S. citizen who …
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Not-So-Gentle Persuasion: US Bullies Spain into Proposed Website Blocking Law
But now some of the cables provided by WikiLeaks to Spanish newspaper El Pais confirm that the US government has pushed other countries to adopt measures that go beyond US law, unleashing the fury of Spanish Internet users. A set of cables reported on …
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EU cuts subsidies that support Spanish bullfighting
In 2013, a report entitled “Toros and taxes”, compiled by Spanish MEPs, established that CAP payments worth more than £110 million a year were being given to Spanish farmers using their pastures to rear fighting bulls. The study concluded that "without …
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Ecuador says WikiLeaks' Assange hires Spanish jurist Garzon
QUITO WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has hired Spanish jurist Baltasar Garzon as a legal adviser as he seeks political asylum in Ecuador, the Andean country's foreign minister, Ricardo Patino, said on Tuesday. Assange has been taking refuge in the …
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National Survey Reveals Patients with Potentially Deadly Interstitial Lung

National Survey Reveals Patients with Potentially Deadly Interstitial Lung
"IPF is a complicated disease to diagnose because its signs and symptoms mimic a wide range of common medical conditions, and it requires many resources and different specialties," Lederer said. "These survey results are a wake-up call. We need …
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Advanced Resources Promotes Jon Jelinek to Managing Director
The P2P shift will impact many areas of our lives, from mobile communication, human interactive web services, RTC and telephony infrastructure, user federation, security and privacy implications, business costs, and scalability. In his session at …
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Samkwang Co., Ltd Coating Agent Neostone
Eco-friendly chemicals manufacturer Samkwang Co., Ltd that has been putting years of labor into developing and manufacturing safe inorganic ceramic coating agents in cooperation with major companies announced its release of Neostone™, the next …
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Cosmetic Bootcamp University Program Exceeds Goals
ASPEN, Colo., Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — By focusing on core specialists in dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology and head and neck surgery the Cosmetic Bootcamp seeks to improve patient outcomes in a manner not possible at other meetings.
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Oban Mining Corporation Announces Acquisition of Convertible Debenture of
The P2P shift will impact many areas of our lives, from mobile communication, human interactive web services, RTC and telephony infrastructure, user federation, security and privacy implications, business costs, and scalability. In his session at …
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The Endocrine Society and Hormone Health Network Launch First-of-its-Kind
Established by the Endocrine Society in 1998, the Hormone Health Network (HHN) is the leading national patient education resource on endocrine-related disorders and other women's health topics, such as diabetes, menopause and healthy living. Our …
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WikiLeaks reveals Saudi political intrigue, lavish spending

WikiLeaks reveals Saudi political intrigue, lavish spending
WikiLeaks so far has published roughly 60,000 documents, of which The Associated Press only has been able to authenticate a handful. But the organization has a long track record of hosting large leaks of government material and in a statement released …
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What the WikiLeaks documents reveal about US spying on French leaders
A note dated May 22, 2012 and classified as "Top Secret" shows that French president François Hollande had "approved holding secret meetings in Paris to discuss the eurozone crisis, particularly the consequences of a Greek exit from the eurozone".
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Cookies on the BBC website
The new Asterix book, published on Thursday in France and several other countries, marks a tremendous return to form after a series of embarrassing efforts. Original artist Albert Uderzo had tried working solo, and then a new a team of Ferri and Conrad …
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France attempted to restart Israel-Palestinian talks behind US's back: WikiLeaks
France sought to go ahead with a bid to restart direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians in 2011, and even considered keeping other world powers out of the effort and issuing an ultimatum to the United States, according to a leaked cable …
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Wikileaks to drop a bomb on France, Greece and Germany tonight
Wikileaks to drop a bomb on France, Greece and Germany tonight – Livesquawk. Wed 1 Jul 2015 16:22:57 GMT. Author: Ryan Littlestone | Category: News. Author: Ryan Littlestone. share. Tweet from Wikileaks says they have a major announcement on …
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WikiLeaks Reveals the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Canada Post

TAGs used in CABLES : CABLEGATE : WikiLeaks : Tags are the seeds of understanding. JULIAN ASSANGE.
WikiLeaks Singapore

Image by Artist in doing nothing.
TAGs used in CABLES : CABLEGATE : WikiLeaks : Tags are the seeds of understanding.

Hope, hope, hope…

TAGs used in CABLES : CABLEGATE : WikiLeaks

Key Pattern Value

AA AA Aruba
AADP AADP Automated Data Processing
ABLD ABLD Buildings and Grounds
ABUD ABUD Budget Services and Financial Systems
AC AC Antigua and Barbuda
ACOA ACOA Communication Operations and Administration
ADCO ADCO Diplomatic Courier Operations
ADPM ADPM Diplomatic Pouch and Mail
AE AE United Arab Emirates
AEMR AEMR Emergency Planning and Evacuation
AF AF Afghanistan
AFIN AFIN Financial Management
AFSI AFSI Foreign Service Institute
AFSN AFSN Foreign Service National Personnel
AG AG Algeria
AGAO AGAO General Accounting Office
AINF AINF Information Management Services
AINR AINR INR Program Administration
AINT AINT Internet Administration
AJ AJ Azerbaijan
AL AL Albania
ALOW ALOW Allowances
AMED AMED Medical Services
AMGT AMGT Management Operations
AMTC AMTC Telecommunications Equipment Maintenance
ANET ANET Communications, Circuits, and Networks
AO AO Angola
AODE AODE Employees Abroad
AOMS AOMS Office Management Specialist Issues
AORC AORC International Organizations and Conferences
APCS APCS Personal Computers
APER APER Personnel
AQ AQ American Samoa
AR AR Argentina
ASCH ASCH U.S. Sponsored Schools
ASEC ASEC Security
ASIG ASIG Inspector General Activities
ASUP ASUP Supplies and Equipment
ATRN ATRN Transportation Services
AU AU Austria
AV AV Anguilla
AY AY Antarctica
BA BA Bahrain
BB BB Barbados
BC BC Botswana
BD BD Bermuda
BF BF Bahamas, The
BG BG Bangladesh
BH BH Belize
BK BK Bosnia and Herzegovina
BL BL Bolivia
BM BM Burma
BN BN Benin
BO BO Belarus
BQ BQ Navassa Island
BR BR Brazil
BS BS Bassas da India
BT BT Bhutan
BU BU Bulgaria
BV BV Bouvet Island
BX BX Brunei
BY BY Burundi
CA CA Canada
CASC CASC Assistance to Citizens
CB CB Cambodia
CD CD Chad
CE CE Sri Lanka
CF CF Congo (Brazzaville)
CFED CFED Federal Agency Services
CG CG Congo (Kinshasa)
CH CH China (Mainland)
CI CI Chile AO Angola
CJ CJ Cayman Islands
CJAN CJAN Judicial Assistance and Notarial Services
CK CK Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CLOK CLOK Visa Lookout
CM CM Cameroon
CMGT CMGT Consular Administration and Management
CN CN Comoros
CO CO Colombia
CPAS CPAS Passport and Citizenship
CQ CQ Northern Mariana Islands
CR CR Coral Sea Islands
CS CS Costa Rica
CT CT Central African Republic
CU CU Cuba
CV CV Cape Verde
CW CW Cook Islands
CY CY Cyprus
DA DA Denmark
DJ DJ Djibouti
DQ DQ Jarvis Island
EAGR EAGR Agriculture and Forestry
EAID EAID Foreign Economic Assistance
EAIR EAIR Civil Aviation
EC EC Ecuador
ECIN ECIN Economic Integration and Cooperation
ECON ECON Economic Conditions
ECPS ECPS Communications and Postal Systems
EFIN EFIN Financial and Monetary Affairs
EFIS EFIS Commercial Fishing and Fish Processing
EG EG Egypt
EI EI Ireland
EIND EIND Industry and Manufacturing
EINT EINT Economic and Commercial Internet
EINV EINV Foreign Investments
EK EK Annobon
EK EK Equatorial Guinea
ELAB ELAB Labor Sector Affairs
ELTN ELTN Land Transportation
EMIN EMIN Minerals and Metals
EN EN Estonia
ENRG ENRG Energy and Power
EPET EPET Petroleum and Natural Gas
ER ER Eritrea
ES ES El Salvador
ET ET Ethiopia
ETRD ETRD Foreign Trade
ETTC ETTC Trade and Technology Controls
EWWT EWWT Waterborne Transportation
EZ EZ Czech Republic
FG FG French Guiana
FI FI Aland Islands
FI FI Finland
FJ FJ Fiji
FK FK Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
FO FO Faroe Islands
FP FP French Polynesia
FQ FQ Baker Island
FR FR Corsica
FR FR France
FS FS French Southern and Antarctic Lands
GA GA Gambia (The)
GB GB Gabon
GG GG Georgia
GH GH Ghana
GI GI Gibraltar
GJ GJ Grenada
GK GK Guernsey
GL GL Greenland
GM GM Germany
GoP GoP Government of Pakistan
GP GP Guadeloupe
GQ GQ Guam
GR GR Crete
GR GR Greece
GT GT Guatemala
GV GV Guinea
GWOT GWOT Global war on terror
GY GY Guyana
GZ GZ Gaza Strip
HA HA Haiti
HK HK Hong Kong
HM HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands
HO HO Honduras
HQ HQ Howland Island
HR HR Croatia
HU HU Hungary
IC IC Iceland
ID ID Indonesia
IM IM Man, Isle of
IO IO Diego Garcia
IO IO British Indian Ocean Territory
IO IO Chagos Archipelago
IP IP Clipperton Island
IR IR Iran
ISI ISI Pakistani secret service
IV IV Cote D’Ivoire
IZ IZ Iraq
JA JA Japan
JA JA Okinawa
JA JA Ryukyu Islands
JE JE Jersey
JM JM Jamaica
JN JN Jan Mayen
JO JO Jordan
JQ JQ Johnston Atoll
JU JU Juan de Nova Island
KE KE Kenya
KG KG Kyrgyzstan
KN KN Korea (North)
KQ KQ Kingman Reef
KR KR Kiribati
KS KS Korea (South)
KT KT Christmas Island
KU KU Kuwait
KV KV Kosovo
KZ KZ Kazakhstan
LA LA Laos
LE LE Lebanon
LG LG Latvia
LH LH Lithuania
LI LI Liberia
LO LO Slovakia
LQ LQ Palmyra Atoll
LS LS Liechtenstein
LT LT Lesotho
LU LU Luxembourg
LY LY Libya
MA MA Madagascar
MARR MARR Military and Defense Arrangements
MASS MASS Military Assistance and Sales
MB MB Martinique
MC MC Macau
MCAP MCAP Military Capabilities
MD MD Moldova
MF MF Mayotte
MG MG Mongolia
MH MH Montserrat
MI MI Malawi
MK MK Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
ML ML Mali
MN MN Monaco
MNUC MNUC Military Nuclear Applications
MO MO Morocco
MOPS MOPS Military Operations
MP MP Mauritius
MQ MQ Midway Islands
MR MR Mauritania
MT MT Malta
MU MU Oman
MV MV Maldives
MW MW Montenegro
MX MX Mexico
MZ MZ Mozambique
NA NA Netherlands Antilles
NC NC New Caledonia
NE NE Niue
NF NF Norfolk Island
NG NG Niger
NH NH Vanuatu
NI NI Nigeria
NL NL Netherlands
NP NP Nepal
NR NR Nauru
NS NS Suriname
NU NU Nicaragua
NZ NZ Antipodes Islands
NZ NZ Auckland Islands
NZ NZ Bounty Islands
NZ NZ Chatham Islands
NZ NZ Kermadec Islands
NZ NZ New Zealand
ODIP ODIP U.S. Diplomatic Representation
OEXC OEXC Educational and Cultural Exchange Operations
OFDP OFDP Foreign Diplomats and Foreign Missions
OIIP OIIP International Information Programs
OPDC OPDC Diplomatic Correspondence
OPRC OPRC Public Relations and Correspondence
OREP OREP U.S. Congressional Travel
OSCI OSCI Science Grants
OVIP OVIP Visits and Travel of Prominent Individuals and Leaders
PA PA Paraguay
PARM PARM Arms Controls and Disarmament
PBTS PBTS National Boundaries, Territories, and Sovereignty
PC PC Pitcairn Islands
PE PE Peru
PF PF Paracel Islands
PG PG Spratly Islands
PGOV PGOV Internal Governmental Affairs
PHSA PHSA High Seas Affairs
PHUM PHUM Human Rights
PINR PINR Intelligence
PINS PINS National Security
PK PK Pakistan
PL PL Poland
PNAT PNAT National Independence
PO PO Azores
PO PO Portugal
PO PO Madeira Islands
PP PP Papua New Guinea
PREF PREF Refugees
PREL PREL External Political Relations
PROP PROP Propaganda and Psychological Operations
PS PS Palau
PTER PTER Terrorists and Terrorism
PU PU Guinea-Bissau
QA QA Qatar
RE RE Reunion
RM RM Marshall Islands
RO RO Romania
RP RP Philippines
RQ RQ Puerto Rico
RS RS Russia
RS RS Wrangel Islands
RW RW Rwanda
SA SA Saudi Arabia
SB SB Saint Pierre and Miquelon
SC SC Saint Kitts and Nevis
SE SE Seychelles
SF SF South Africa
SG SG Senegal
SH SH Ascension Island
SH SH Gough Island
SH SH Saint Helena
SH SH Tristan da Cunha
SI SI Slovenia
SL SL Sierra Leone
SM SM San Marino
SN SN Singapore
SP SP Balearic Islands
SP SP Mallorca
SP SP Canary Islands
SP SP Spain
SR SR Serbia
ST ST Saint Lucia
SU SU Sudan
SV SV Svalbard
SW SW Sweden
SY SY Syria
SZ SZ Switzerland
TAG TAG S/Terms Handbook
TBIO TBIO Biological and Medical Science
TD TD Trinidad and Tobago
TE TE Tromelin Island
TH TH Thailand
TI TI Tajikistan
TINT TINT Internet Technology
TK TK Turks and Caicos Islands
TL TL Tokelau
TN TN Tonga
TNGD TNGD Engineering Research and Development
TP TP Sao Tome and Principe
TPHY TPHY Physical Sciences
TRGY TRGY Energy Technology
TS TS Tunisia
TSPA TSPA Space Activities
TSPL TSPL Science and Technology Policy
TT TT East Timor
TU TU Turkey
TV TV Tuvalu
TW TW Taiwan
TX TX Turkmenistan
TZ TZ Tanzania
UG UG Uganda
UNSC UNSC UN Security Council
UK UK United Kingdom
UP UP Ukraine
UV UV Burkina Faso
UY UY Uruguay
UZ UZ Uzbekistan
VC VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
VE VE Venezuela
VI VI British Virgin Islands
VM VM Vietnam
VQ VQ US Virgin Islands
VT VT Vatican City
WA WA Namibia
WF WF Wallis and Futuna
WI WI Western Sahara
WQ WQ Wake Island
WS WS Samoa
WZ WZ Swaziland
XA XA Africa
XA XA Africa
XB XB East Asia and Pacific (Pacific Basin)
XB XB East Asia and Pacific
XC XC Southeast Asia
XD XD South Asia
XE XE East Asia
XF XF Middle East
XG XG Europe
XH XH Eastern Europe
XI XI North Africa
XK XK Central America
XL XL Caribbean
XM XM Latin America
XO XO Indian Ocean Area
XQ XQ Arctic Ocean Area
XR XR South America
XS XS North America
XT XT Western Europe
XU XU Australia – New Zealand Region
XV XV South Pacific Ocean Area
XW XW East Africa
XX XX Worldwide
XY XY West Africa
XZ XZ Scandinavia
YI YI Yugoslavia
YM YM Yemen
ZA ZA Zambia
ZB ZB Baltic States
ZF ZF Central Africa
ZH ZH North Atlantic Area
ZI ZI Zimbabwe
ZJ ZJ Transcaucasus
ZK ZK Central Asia
ZL ZL Balkan States
ZM ZM Mediterranean Sea Area
ZN ZN North Pacific Area
ZO ZO North Asia
ZP ZP Persian Gulf Area
ZR ZR Arabian Peninsula
ZS ZS Southern Europe
ZT ZT South Atlantic Area
ZU ZU Southern Africa
SIPDIS SIPDIS|S I P D I S Secret Internet Protocol Distribution
NOFORN NOFORN No foreign nationals
E.O. 12958 E.O. 12958|EO 12958 Executive order 12958 relating to state secrets and freedom of information
DECL DECL Declassification date; when the document’s classified status comes up for review
GOI GOI Government of Italy
GoI GoI Government of Italy

WikiLeaks Reveals the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Canada Post
The 12 parties to the TPP are: United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore. The WikiLeaks document indicates that “developing countries such as Vietnam, which employs a large number of …
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US spy agency tapped German chancellery for decades – WikiLeaks
BERLIN (Reuters) – The U.S. National Security Agency tapped phone calls involving German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her closest advisers for years and spied on the staff of her predecessors, WikiLeaks said on Wednesday. A report released by the …
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WikiLeaks Email Release Reveals Hacking by Governments Worldwide
WikiLeaks last week published more than one million emails from the Italian surveillance malware vendor Hacking Team, shedding further light on the extent of the spying being conducted by governments around the world against their populations …
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Oppose the TPP trade deal
Thanks to WikiLeaks, some of the TPP's contents and dangers it poses have been made public, but much of the document still remains shrouded in secrecy. If finalised, the TPP would have a far more serious impact on Australia than any of the recent …
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WikiLeaks reveals ICAC's interest in commercial hacking software
Simon Tse Yiu-keung was the principal investigator from the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) who took part in the leaked email conversation, the report said. He contacted the Singapore branch of Hacking Team for a Galileo demo session …
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