Entrepreneurs Raise $13 Million to 'Reinvent' US P/C Insurance with Peer-to

Entrepreneurs Raise Million to 'Reinvent' US P/C Insurance with Peer-to
Lemonade will not be the first P2P insurance venture. Germany has friendsurance (founded in 2010), the United Kingdom has Guevara, and China has TongJuBao. It's not now known in what ways Lemonade will compare to other P2P insurance ventures, …
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P2P Regulation Maturing Across The Globe
The last year has seen half a dozen European countries introduce new regulations focused on the P2P sector. In specific, the UK, Spain, Germany and Lithuania all implemented new rules in 2015, and several other Euro-area countries are likely to follow …
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Germany's Sonnenbatterie Launches Energy Trading Platform
sonnenbatterie-logo Sonnenbatterie, Germany's market leader for residential energy storage, has launched a community energy trading platform, sonnenCommunity, aimed at enabling trading of surplus power from solar PV coupled with its battery systems.
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Hanging loose
More will follow in 2016, as Indutrade also sniffs for targets in America, Canada and Germany. The group's targets are typically a couple of decades old, and owned and run by their founders. Even when they sell, they often care deeply about the firm's …
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