P2P lending network i-Lend partners with Singapore-based Lenddo for credit scores

P2P lending network i-Lend partners with Singapore-based Lenddo for credit scores
HYDERABAD: Peer-to-peer lending marketplace i-Lend has partnered with credit risk assessment and verification company Lenddo which uses social and non-traditional data for credit scoring. Singapore-based Lenddo is backed by AT Capital, Omidyar …
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Sweet spot between bubbles
A recent research report by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch warns us that a credit crunch could be triggered by the rising defaults in shadow-banking products defined as non-bank-loan debt instruments that include bonds, trusts and credit products …
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Getting a business loan in two hours
In Singapore, there are at least five P2P crowdlending sites launched within the past year. Last year, three of them – Moolah- Sense, Capital Match and Funding Societies – raised more than $ 10 million for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
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Bullion Secured P2P Lender Now Facilitating S$ 1 Million a Month in Loans
Silver Bullion P2P loans Singapore-based Silver Bullion has announced it is now facilitating S$ 1 million per month in bullion secured peer to peer loans. Founded in 2009, Silver Bullion just started offering direct lending in August of 2015. The …
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Singapore: Bullion-secured P2P lending platform Silver Bullion issues .5m
Singapore-based financial services firm Silver Bullion Pte. Ltd. has seen its bullion-secured peer-to-peer (P2P) lending programme, launched in August 2015, disburse over S$ 5 million ($ 3.51 million) worth of loans, or more than S$ 1 million ($ 702,000) a …
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WikiLeaks: Singapore Lee says Myanmar 'stupid'

Wikileaks : Cablegate : Number of cables from different sources
WikiLeaks Singapore

Image by Artist in doing nothing.

Hope, hope, hope…

In the table bellow is displayed the number of cables from different sources. We are able to easily deduct where and which are centers for gathering and collecting of information, maybe influential centers kinda scene-setters which create US world behavior.

Slovenia: The country of crony capitalism !

Embassy or other source Number of documents

Secretary of State 8,017
Embassy Ankara 7,918
Embassy Baghdad 6,677
Embassy Tokyo 5,697
Embassy Amman 4,312
Embassy Paris 3,775
Embassy Kuwait 3,717
Embassy Madrid 3,620
American Institute Taiwan, Taipei 3,456
Embassy Moscow 3,376
Embassy Colombo 3,325
Embassy Beijing 3,297
Embassy Tel Aviv 3,194
USUN New York 3,116
Embassy Khartoum 3,078
Embassy Jakarta 3,059
Embassy New Delhi 3,038
Embassy Abuja 3,025
Embassy The Hague 3,021
Embassy Harare 2,998
Embassy Kabul 2,961
Embassy Bangkok 2,941
Embassy Rome 2,890
Embassy Cairo 2,752
Embassy Kinshasa 2,551
Embassy Abu Dhabi 2,547
Embassy Ashgabat 2,439
Embassy Bogota 2,416
Embassy Beirut 2,368
Embassy Caracas 2,340
Embassy Hanoi 2,325
Embassy Mexico 2,285
Embassy Kathmandu 2,278
Embassy Buenos Aires 2,233
Embassy Islamabad 2,220
Consulate Jerusalem 2,217
Embassy Dhaka 1,984
Embassy Seoul 1,980
Embassy Tegucigalpa 1,958
Embassy Ottawa 1,948
Embassy Brasilia 1,947
Embassy Rangoon 1,864
Embassy Nairobi 1,821
Embassy Manila 1,796
Embassy Yerevan 1,735
Embassy Vienna 1,722
Embassy Berlin 1,719
Embassy Zagreb 1,686
Embassy Santo Domingo 1,675
Embassy Manama 1,645
Embassy Muscat 1,644
Embassy Sanaa 1,591
Embassy Baku 1,569
Embassy Pretoria 1,566
Embassy Wellington 1,490
Consulate Lagos 1,487
Embassy Santiago 1,464
Embassy Quito 1,450
Embassy Damascus 1,419
Embassy Addis Ababa 1,395
Embassy Astana 1,394
Embassy Lima 1,388
Embassy Rabat 1,365
Embassy Athens 1,313
Embassy La Paz 1,299
Embassy Tashkent 1,296
Embassy Prague 1,271
Embassy Managua 1,264
Embassy Guatemala 1,261
Embassy Riyadh 1,245
Embassy Port Au Prince 1,214
Embassy Bridgetown 1,204
Embassy Bratislava 1,172
Embassy Tbilisi 1,167
Embassy Asuncion 1,148
Embassy Kyiv 1,139
Embassy Kingston 1,138
Embassy Brussels 1,136
Embassy San Salvador 1,119
Embassy London 1,083
Embassy Tunis 1,055
Embassy Minsk 1,014
USEU Brussels 1,000
Embassy Belgrade 994
Embassy Kuala Lumpur 994
Embassy Dushanbe 990
Embassy Sofia 978
Embassy Bishkek 973
Embassy Maputo 970
Embassy Warsaw 970
Embassy Djibouti 956
Consulate Hong Kong 950
Embassy Ndjamena 948
Embassy Canberra 933
Embassy Panama 912
Embassy Dublin 910
Embassy Vilnius 903
Consulate Adana 887
Embassy Sarajevo 869
Embassy Accra 862
Embassy Nicosia 849
Embassy Conakry 847
Embassy Ljubljana 836
Embassy Bucharest 830
Embassy Algiers 806
Mission USNATO 799
Consulate Sao Paulo 786
Consulate Ho Chi Minh City 777
Embassy Phnom Penh 777
Embassy San Jose 764
Embassy Oslo 763
Consulate Istanbul 752
Embassy Budapest 734
Embassy Vatican 729
Embassy Lisbon 722
Embassy Lilongwe 715
Embassy Singapore 704
Embassy Dakar 681
Embassy Stockholm 671
Embassy Pristina 668
Embassy Dar Es Salaam 665
Consulate Guangzhou 662
Embassy Kigali 651
Embassy Doha 640
Embassy Riga 632
Embassy Tallinn 610
Embassy Maseru 607
Embassy Helsinki 601
Embassy Tripoli 598
Embassy Asmara 564
Consulate Shanghai 555
Embassy Paramaribo 554
Embassy Abidjan 549
Embassy Antananarivo 535
US Mission Geneva 529
Embassy Skopje 522
US Interests Section Havana 507
Embassy Nouakchott 498
Embassy Niamey 490
Embassy Freetown 480
US Office Almaty 477
Embassy Tirana 452
Embassy Montevideo 445
Embassy Ulaanbaatar 432
Mission Geneva 432
Embassy Chisinau 425
Embassy Kampala 417
Embassy Bamako 399
Embassy Georgetown 395
Embassy Nassau 394
Embassy Suva 393
Embassy Port Of Spain 391
Embassy Dili 390
Consulate Jeddah 382
REO Basrah 373
Consulate Kolkata 364
Embassy Yaounde 337
Embassy Cotonou 327
Embassy Luanda 315
Embassy Monrovia 315
Consulate Chennai 305
Iran RPO Dubai 302
Mission USOSCE 302
Consulate Frankfurt 297
Embassy Copenhagen 297
Embassy Lusaka 295
Embassy Reykjavik 290
Embassy Vientiane 285
Consulate Chiang Mai 278
REO Hillah 275
Embassy Gaborone 274
Consulate Chengdu 260
Embassy Bandar Seri Begawan 256
Embassy Banjul 256
Embassy Bern 255
Consulate Dubai 237
Consulate Casablanca 232
Embassy Libreville 232
Embassy Belmopan 231
Consulate Mumbai 199
Embassy Port Louis 195
Embassy Ouagadougou 181
Consulate Peshawar 176
Embassy Bujumbura 176
Embassy Luxembourg 168
Consulate Surabaya 167
Embassy Podgorica 164
Consulate Monterrey 159
Consulate Toronto 145
Embassy Windhoek 141
REO Kirkuk 138
Consulate Halifax 136
Consulate Rio De Janeiro 121
Consulate Shenyang 120
Embassy Grenada 119
Consulate Karachi 113
Embassy Lome 112
Consulate Munich 108
Consulate Lahore 104
Embassy Bangui 102
Embassy Valletta 101
Consulate Vladivostok 100
Mission UNESCO 93
Embassy Mbabane 89
Consulate Montreal 82
Consulate Cape Town 81
Consulate Nogales 78
Consulate Melbourne 75
Embassy Kolonia 75
Consulate Dusseldorf 73
Consulate Thessaloniki 72
Embassy Brazzaville 70
Embassy Port Moresby 66
Consulate Durban 56
UN Rome 55
Consulate Hamburg 52
Consulate Quebec 52
REO Mosul 51
US Delegation, Secretary 51
Embassy Praia 49
Consulate St Petersburg 48
Consulate Vancouver 44
Consulate Osaka Kobe 40
Consulate Johannesburg 39
Consulate Naha 39
Consulate Milan 38
Consulate Guayaquil 36
Consulate Dhahran 34
Consulate Yekaterinburg 34
Consulate Guadalajara 32
Consulate Barcelona 31
Consulate Hamilton 27
Consulate Tijuana 27
Embassy Mogadishu 27
Consulate Strasbourg 22
Consulate Curacao 19
Consulate Hermosillo 19
Consulate Naples 19
US Mission CD Geneva 19
Consulate Amsterdam 18
Consulate Alexandria 17
Consulate Belfast 15
Consulate Auckland 14
Consulate Calgary 14
Consulate Fukuoka 13
Consulate Recife 13
Embassy Malabo 13
Embassy Tehran 13
Consulate Sydney 12
Consulate Perth 11
American Consulate Hyderabad 10
Consulate Ciudad Juarez 10
Consulate Florence 10
Consulate Kaduna 9
Embassy Apia 9
Embassy Majuro 9
US Delegation FEST TWO 9
Consulate Leipzig 8
Consulate Matamoros 7
Embassy Koror 7
Consulate Izmir 5
Consulate Marseille 5
Consulate Nuevo Laredo 5
Consulate Sapporo 5
Consulate Nagoya 4
Consulate Merida 3
Consulate Krakow 2
** Dhahran 1
Consulate Ponta Delgada 1
Department of State 1
Embasy Bonn 1

WikiLeaks: Singapore Lee says Myanmar 'stupid'
Singapore statesman Lee Kuan Yew considered Myanmar's junta leaders "stupid" and "dense," according to classified U.S. documents released this week by WikiLeaks. The Singapore leader said dealing with Myanmar's military regime was lke "talking to …
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Big fat red faces for Singapore leaders
The cables, leaked exclusively to The Sun-Herald by WikiLeaks, detail separate meetings between senior US officials and Singapore's Foreign Affairs chiefs Peter Ho, Bilahari Kausikan and Tommy Koh. The trio, who at the time of the 2008 and 2009 cables …
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Uruguay verlaat onderhandelingen vrijhandelsakkoord TISA
Uruguay heeft beslist niet langer deel te nemen aan de onderhandelingen voor het vrijhandelsakkoord TISA. Dat akkoord gaat over de privatisering van de openbare diensten. Voorlopig is Uruguay het enige land ter wereld dat beslist niet tot grote …
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Be cautious about P2P lending

Open P2P Design Workshop, Singapore KICX1642
p2p Singapore

Image by alterdesign2009

Be cautious about P2P lending
As with equity crowdfunding, I suggest that would-be P2P investors go in with their eyes open and see themselves as pioneering contributors to an ecosystem in Singapore that empowers innovators and entrepreneurs to become the next Sim Wong Hoo, Jack …
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'Why I invested in China's giant Ponzi scheme'
The 60-year-old investor, who asked that CNBC not use her full name, had been reluctant at first to put money into the fast-growing, Anhui-based peer-to-peer (P2P) lender. "I had doubts at the … Ding Ning, 34, president of Yucheng and the founder of …
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Calling small business owners! Modalku might just be the startup you're
The inspiration to start a P2P lending platform grew when both founders were studying at Harvard University, where they first learned about how crowdlending impacts societies in the US, China, and Singapore. “It is certainly a different market with …
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Don't Bury the Books on Lufax
The lurid revelations surrounding Ezubao didn't do much for the image of the P2P sector. Ding Ning, its 34-year-old founder, used the company's capital to buy a 12 million yuan ($ 1.8 million) pink diamond ring and a 130 million yuan villa in Singapore, …
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And in the Rest of the World…
On Monday, it was reported that Chinese police arrested 21 people in an ongoing investigation into P2P site Ezubo and parent company, Yucheng International Holdings Group. Described as a classic Ponzi scheme, Ezubo connected lenders and borrowers, …
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Generazione you and me

Generazione you and me
In principio il termine peer to peer venne soprattutto associato a quella pratica semi illegale (ricordate eMule?) grazie alla quale era possibile scaricare musica digitale scavalcando le grandi major – e facendole impazzire. La prima …. A Singapore …
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Talentos de Importación: Cristóbal Jorquera, la historia del aprendiz que se convirtió en mago
Ven a conocer el recorrido de un joven canterano de Colo Colo, que lejos de los reflectores mediáticos, poco a poco se ha hecho de un hueco en la oncena titular y semanas tras semana se consagra como uno de los favoritos de la hinchada del 'Eterno …
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Outlook.com aggiunge il supporto agli alias, agli indirizzi internazionali e all'autenticazione a due fattori
… Australia, Austria, Belgio, Brasile, Cile, Repubblica Ceca, Danimarca, Francia, Germania, Grecia, Israele, India, Indonesia, Irlanda, Italia, Ungheria, Giappone, Corea, Lettonia, Malesia, Nuova Zelanda, Perù, Filippine, Portogallo, Arabia Saudita …
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Formula 1 gara Gp Russia streaming gratis dopo streaming Milan Napoli diretta (AGGIORNAMENTO)

Formula 1 gara Gp Russia streaming gratis dopo streaming Milan Napoli diretta (AGGIORNAMENTO)
Utilizzando queste mescole Sebastian Vettel si è imposto nell'ultimo GP di Singapore. Per Vettel, che è attualmente in terza posizione, distaccato di 11 punti da Rosberg in seconda, potrebbe essere l'occasione per riavvicinarsi al pilota tedesco. In …
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iPhone 6s e iPhone 6 Plus da 779 euro in Italia

iPhone 6s e iPhone 6 Plus da 779 euro in Italia
Ricordiamo che i due nuovi iPhone saranno in vendita dal prossimo 25 settembre in Francia, in Germania, nel Regno Unito, in Australia, in Nuova Zelanda, in Canada, in Cina, ad Hong Kong, in Giappone, a Porto Rico e Singapore. In Italia bisognerà …
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iPhone 6s e 6s Plus ufficialmente in commercio
Il nuovo smartphone è da oggi in vendita in Australia, Canada, Cina, Francia, Germania, Giappone, Hong Kong, Nuova Zelanda, Puerto Rico, Regno Unito, Singapore e Stati Uniti. Nel primo blocco dei paesi non rientra purtroppo l'Italia che dovrà aspettare …
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Dal Singapore, 5 fantastiche innovazioni per l'assistenza sanitaria
Altro · Android · Apple · Curiosità · Facebook · Gadgets · Google · Grafica · Guadagnare Online · Hacking · Hardware · How-To · Internet · Linux · Musica · News · Playstation · SEO · Server Emule · Software · Telefonia · Video · Videogiochi · Web 2.0 …
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Five free music sites on the web
I'll stick my neck out and make a prediction: in the future we won't need to own digital copies of mp3s, let alone CDs. Not when we can pull music off the virtual cloud that is the Internet. Music is one big area that is exploding in the new social Web …
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Day in History: Campaign for KCTA gets under way

Day in History: Campaign for KCTA gets under way
Five years ago: WikiLeaks released 391,831 purported Iraq war logs that suggested more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians had died in the conflict. … Serena Williams was routed 6-0, 6-2 by Simona Halep in the round-robin round of the WTA Finals in Singapore.
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Vote for Trans-Pacific Partnership is betrayal
Members of this block will include Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Mexico, Chili, Canada and the U.S. The Obama administration has done all within its power to keep all details of this document a complete …
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Could the TPP Actually Divide Asia?
The Obama administration believes the TPP would bolster U.S. strategic ties to key Asian allies, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, while enhancing relations with nations that could counterbalance China's growing influence in the …
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“But What Are You For?”
Wikileaks and Edward Snowden have only confirmed what should have been clear long ago: the jobs that these technocrats “got done” seem always to have benefitted the rich and the powerful. Champions of the working class are just as tech savvy as anyone …
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Daily news summary
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has defended the whistle blowing site in a video conference appearance at Jihlava's documentary film festival on Thursday night. Assange, currently a virtual prisoner in the Ecuador embassy in London, brushed off …
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Singapore: Digix, bitcoin processor Coinify team up to launch Ethereum crypto

Singapore: Digix, bitcoin processor Coinify team up to launch Ethereum crypto
From here, purchasers are then able to convert their digital gold token into other assets, trading it on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis or through crypto-exchanges. Commenting on its differentiation, Chng explained to the International Business Times …
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From a box to a boat, this startup lets your store stuff in someone else's place
Like any P2P network, building trust and confidence is essential. … Once established, we will take those operational learnings into natural extension markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Southeast Asia, where space comes at an absolute premium.
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Global Fibromyalgia Drugs Market 2015-2019 – Reportlinker Review
According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, fibromyalgia is a syndrome with an unknown cause and chronic pain and muscle tenderness as the major symptoms. Unlike arthritis, it does not cause joint, muscle or …
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Investor protection under the TPP

Investor protection under the TPP
The TPP is a free-trade agreement between 12 pacific nations – Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US and Vietnam – which reportedly represent around 40 per cent of global GDP and one …
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Leaked TPPA document reveals 'catch' for biologics
The report prepared by the US-based NGO Public Citizen and international group Third World Network (TWN) was published last night on the whistleblower site Wikileaks, alongside the purported final negotiation text on the controversial document …
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TPP trade deal ready for final approval as digital rights groups sound warning
In leaking draft chapters of the TPP, Wikileaks criticised negotiations. Wikileaks. After more than 5 years, negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership have finally concluded, with all 12 countries involved signing off to support the major trade …
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Malcolm Turnbull, trade deals and penalty rates
… obsessive secrecy. What we know is thanks to WikiLeaks publishing three of its draft chapters. … Philip Morris is currently pursuing Australia in a Singapore court under similar dispute resolution provisions over our plain-packaging cigarette …
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eBay sellers first target of ATO online sales data matching
The government has also been working on preventing tax avoidance by multinational corporations doing business in Australia, after documents revealed that AU$ 31 billion made inside of Australia in one year had been funnelled through Singapore by 10 …
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Singapore's Capital Match raises $710K to enable small business lending

Singapore's Capital Match raises 0K to enable small business lending
Singapore-based Capital Match has raised S$ 1 million (US$ 710,000) in a series A funding round, the P2P lending startup announced today. The round was led by international investment firm Innosight Ventures. Previous investors Crystal Horse Investments …
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Friday business roundup: Google updates logo, PayPal launches p2p service
Cloud-based retail analytics provider Capillary reeled in a $ 45 million Series C round led by Warburg Pincus. The company, based in Singapore, also acquired Ruaha Labs and e-commerce platform MartJack. Barcelona based mobile classifieds app Letgo …
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Coinbase establishes Singapore operations
Unlike conventional fiat currencies, Bitcoin is digital commodity money traded on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network independent of centralised control. Bitcoin is not backed by a government or central bank, with its value floating freely and subject to much …
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Singapore P2P Lender Capital Match Launches: Targets SMEs
capital match The Singapore-based peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform Capital Match which targets Singapore SMEs obtain loans financed by individual investors has launched. The company stated that its are two-fold, to provide business borrowers with …
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