A changing world: tapping in to trade opportunities

A changing world: tapping in to trade opportunities
ND: The bulk of our trade is in the GCC, and beyond that we have European trade partners, such as Germany – capital goods, for instance – and a lot more trade is done with Italy now. As we are … P2P lending has not taken off at all. There has been …
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J. Greenstein & Co. To Host Bi-Annual Auction Featuring Collection Of
… Large Silver Torah Finials, the Netherlands, 19th Century, estimated $ 20,000-$ 30,000; Silver spice tower, Germany, mid-18th century, estimated $ 25,000-$ 30,000; Silver Torah shield, Italy 1792, estimated $ 42,500-$ 55,000; Sterling Silver Torah crown …
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Final Set of Houseguests for Season 4 of Big Brother Canada Revealed
Fans can cast their vote now on BigBrotherCanada.ca for Jase Wirey (Big Brother US), Nikki Grahame (Big Brother UK), Tim Dormer (Big Brother Australia), or Veronica Graf (Big Brother Italy) to enter the house in a Big Brother franchise world-first …
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The Number of Peer to Peer Lenders in China Declines

The Number of Peer to Peer Lenders in China Declines
Chinese Peer to Peer Lending The government crackdown on internet finance, probably best exemplified by the Ezubao collapse and incarceration of the P2P lenders executives, has slowed the growth of the online lending industry. According to a report in …
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Current p2p trends threatening enterprise security
Observing the east to west connection between the server in our environment and other servers will unveil different threats. “Most organizations don't put the sensors in between the servers to pick up that p2p activity. We had a customer last year who …
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Introducing the Best Hosted VoIP Provider Plans that Offer a Robust Suite of
Companies that operate internationally need robust phone and internet systems like business voip business satellite, p2p (point to point), VPN (virtual private network) and much more. The mission of TieTechnology VoIP Business Phone Services' is to …
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Bluejay Launches as the World's First In-Car Smart Mount for Phones
WebRTC is bringing significant change to the communications landscape that will bridge the worlds of web and telephony, making the Internet the new standard for communications. Cloud9 took the road less traveled and used WebRTC to create a … P2P RTC …
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Playas prohibidas se quedaron sin avisos de restricción

Playas prohibidas se quedaron sin avisos de restricción
CENSOR comentó el Sáb, 09/08/2012 – 09:24. Lo que nos faltaba que ahora. Votos1; Votos1. Lo que nos faltaba que ahora todo el pseudo periodismo de la ciudad emule el mismo idioma ramplón, vulgar y de mal gusto; que empleaba en su programucho el señor …
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Porno online bloccato nel Regno Unito, è già polemica
L'accusa arriva da Padraig Reidy di Index on Censorship, che in un'intervista con la BBC accusa: "se un filtro è impostato come predefinito può limitare quello che la gente può vedere legittimamente". La paura di Reidy e che i filtri possano oscurare …
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Penrose sienta las bases de una biofísica cuántica de la mente
Vivimos una única realidad con tres dimensiones: matemática, física y psíquica, señala Penrose en su último libro “El camino hacia la realidad”. Gracias al hombre surge la unidad de esos tres mundos y se sientan las bases de una biofísica cuántica de …
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WikiLeaks: Singapore Lee says Myanmar 'stupid'

Wikileaks : Cablegate : Number of cables from different sources
WikiLeaks Singapore

Image by Artist in doing nothing.

Hope, hope, hope…

In the table bellow is displayed the number of cables from different sources. We are able to easily deduct where and which are centers for gathering and collecting of information, maybe influential centers kinda scene-setters which create US world behavior.

Slovenia: The country of crony capitalism !

Embassy or other source Number of documents

Secretary of State 8,017
Embassy Ankara 7,918
Embassy Baghdad 6,677
Embassy Tokyo 5,697
Embassy Amman 4,312
Embassy Paris 3,775
Embassy Kuwait 3,717
Embassy Madrid 3,620
American Institute Taiwan, Taipei 3,456
Embassy Moscow 3,376
Embassy Colombo 3,325
Embassy Beijing 3,297
Embassy Tel Aviv 3,194
USUN New York 3,116
Embassy Khartoum 3,078
Embassy Jakarta 3,059
Embassy New Delhi 3,038
Embassy Abuja 3,025
Embassy The Hague 3,021
Embassy Harare 2,998
Embassy Kabul 2,961
Embassy Bangkok 2,941
Embassy Rome 2,890
Embassy Cairo 2,752
Embassy Kinshasa 2,551
Embassy Abu Dhabi 2,547
Embassy Ashgabat 2,439
Embassy Bogota 2,416
Embassy Beirut 2,368
Embassy Caracas 2,340
Embassy Hanoi 2,325
Embassy Mexico 2,285
Embassy Kathmandu 2,278
Embassy Buenos Aires 2,233
Embassy Islamabad 2,220
Consulate Jerusalem 2,217
Embassy Dhaka 1,984
Embassy Seoul 1,980
Embassy Tegucigalpa 1,958
Embassy Ottawa 1,948
Embassy Brasilia 1,947
Embassy Rangoon 1,864
Embassy Nairobi 1,821
Embassy Manila 1,796
Embassy Yerevan 1,735
Embassy Vienna 1,722
Embassy Berlin 1,719
Embassy Zagreb 1,686
Embassy Santo Domingo 1,675
Embassy Manama 1,645
Embassy Muscat 1,644
Embassy Sanaa 1,591
Embassy Baku 1,569
Embassy Pretoria 1,566
Embassy Wellington 1,490
Consulate Lagos 1,487
Embassy Santiago 1,464
Embassy Quito 1,450
Embassy Damascus 1,419
Embassy Addis Ababa 1,395
Embassy Astana 1,394
Embassy Lima 1,388
Embassy Rabat 1,365
Embassy Athens 1,313
Embassy La Paz 1,299
Embassy Tashkent 1,296
Embassy Prague 1,271
Embassy Managua 1,264
Embassy Guatemala 1,261
Embassy Riyadh 1,245
Embassy Port Au Prince 1,214
Embassy Bridgetown 1,204
Embassy Bratislava 1,172
Embassy Tbilisi 1,167
Embassy Asuncion 1,148
Embassy Kyiv 1,139
Embassy Kingston 1,138
Embassy Brussels 1,136
Embassy San Salvador 1,119
Embassy London 1,083
Embassy Tunis 1,055
Embassy Minsk 1,014
USEU Brussels 1,000
Embassy Belgrade 994
Embassy Kuala Lumpur 994
Embassy Dushanbe 990
Embassy Sofia 978
Embassy Bishkek 973
Embassy Maputo 970
Embassy Warsaw 970
Embassy Djibouti 956
Consulate Hong Kong 950
Embassy Ndjamena 948
Embassy Canberra 933
Embassy Panama 912
Embassy Dublin 910
Embassy Vilnius 903
Consulate Adana 887
Embassy Sarajevo 869
Embassy Accra 862
Embassy Nicosia 849
Embassy Conakry 847
Embassy Ljubljana 836
Embassy Bucharest 830
Embassy Algiers 806
Mission USNATO 799
Consulate Sao Paulo 786
Consulate Ho Chi Minh City 777
Embassy Phnom Penh 777
Embassy San Jose 764
Embassy Oslo 763
Consulate Istanbul 752
Embassy Budapest 734
Embassy Vatican 729
Embassy Lisbon 722
Embassy Lilongwe 715
Embassy Singapore 704
Embassy Dakar 681
Embassy Stockholm 671
Embassy Pristina 668
Embassy Dar Es Salaam 665
Consulate Guangzhou 662
Embassy Kigali 651
Embassy Doha 640
Embassy Riga 632
Embassy Tallinn 610
Embassy Maseru 607
Embassy Helsinki 601
Embassy Tripoli 598
Embassy Asmara 564
Consulate Shanghai 555
Embassy Paramaribo 554
Embassy Abidjan 549
Embassy Antananarivo 535
US Mission Geneva 529
Embassy Skopje 522
US Interests Section Havana 507
Embassy Nouakchott 498
Embassy Niamey 490
Embassy Freetown 480
US Office Almaty 477
Embassy Tirana 452
Embassy Montevideo 445
Embassy Ulaanbaatar 432
Mission Geneva 432
Embassy Chisinau 425
Embassy Kampala 417
Embassy Bamako 399
Embassy Georgetown 395
Embassy Nassau 394
Embassy Suva 393
Embassy Port Of Spain 391
Embassy Dili 390
Consulate Jeddah 382
REO Basrah 373
Consulate Kolkata 364
Embassy Yaounde 337
Embassy Cotonou 327
Embassy Luanda 315
Embassy Monrovia 315
Consulate Chennai 305
Iran RPO Dubai 302
Mission USOSCE 302
Consulate Frankfurt 297
Embassy Copenhagen 297
Embassy Lusaka 295
Embassy Reykjavik 290
Embassy Vientiane 285
Consulate Chiang Mai 278
REO Hillah 275
Embassy Gaborone 274
Consulate Chengdu 260
Embassy Bandar Seri Begawan 256
Embassy Banjul 256
Embassy Bern 255
Consulate Dubai 237
Consulate Casablanca 232
Embassy Libreville 232
Embassy Belmopan 231
Consulate Mumbai 199
Embassy Port Louis 195
Embassy Ouagadougou 181
Consulate Peshawar 176
Embassy Bujumbura 176
Embassy Luxembourg 168
Consulate Surabaya 167
Embassy Podgorica 164
Consulate Monterrey 159
Consulate Toronto 145
Embassy Windhoek 141
REO Kirkuk 138
Consulate Halifax 136
Consulate Rio De Janeiro 121
Consulate Shenyang 120
Embassy Grenada 119
Consulate Karachi 113
Embassy Lome 112
Consulate Munich 108
Consulate Lahore 104
Embassy Bangui 102
Embassy Valletta 101
Consulate Vladivostok 100
Mission UNESCO 93
Embassy Mbabane 89
Consulate Montreal 82
Consulate Cape Town 81
Consulate Nogales 78
Consulate Melbourne 75
Embassy Kolonia 75
Consulate Dusseldorf 73
Consulate Thessaloniki 72
Embassy Brazzaville 70
Embassy Port Moresby 66
Consulate Durban 56
UN Rome 55
Consulate Hamburg 52
Consulate Quebec 52
REO Mosul 51
US Delegation, Secretary 51
Embassy Praia 49
Consulate St Petersburg 48
Consulate Vancouver 44
Consulate Osaka Kobe 40
Consulate Johannesburg 39
Consulate Naha 39
Consulate Milan 38
Consulate Guayaquil 36
Consulate Dhahran 34
Consulate Yekaterinburg 34
Consulate Guadalajara 32
Consulate Barcelona 31
Consulate Hamilton 27
Consulate Tijuana 27
Embassy Mogadishu 27
Consulate Strasbourg 22
Consulate Curacao 19
Consulate Hermosillo 19
Consulate Naples 19
US Mission CD Geneva 19
Consulate Amsterdam 18
Consulate Alexandria 17
Consulate Belfast 15
Consulate Auckland 14
Consulate Calgary 14
Consulate Fukuoka 13
Consulate Recife 13
Embassy Malabo 13
Embassy Tehran 13
Consulate Sydney 12
Consulate Perth 11
American Consulate Hyderabad 10
Consulate Ciudad Juarez 10
Consulate Florence 10
Consulate Kaduna 9
Embassy Apia 9
Embassy Majuro 9
US Delegation FEST TWO 9
Consulate Leipzig 8
Consulate Matamoros 7
Embassy Koror 7
Consulate Izmir 5
Consulate Marseille 5
Consulate Nuevo Laredo 5
Consulate Sapporo 5
Consulate Nagoya 4
Consulate Merida 3
Consulate Krakow 2
** Dhahran 1
Consulate Ponta Delgada 1
Department of State 1
Embasy Bonn 1

WikiLeaks: Singapore Lee says Myanmar 'stupid'
Singapore statesman Lee Kuan Yew considered Myanmar's junta leaders "stupid" and "dense," according to classified U.S. documents released this week by WikiLeaks. The Singapore leader said dealing with Myanmar's military regime was lke "talking to …
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Big fat red faces for Singapore leaders
The cables, leaked exclusively to The Sun-Herald by WikiLeaks, detail separate meetings between senior US officials and Singapore's Foreign Affairs chiefs Peter Ho, Bilahari Kausikan and Tommy Koh. The trio, who at the time of the 2008 and 2009 cables …
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Uruguay verlaat onderhandelingen vrijhandelsakkoord TISA
Uruguay heeft beslist niet langer deel te nemen aan de onderhandelingen voor het vrijhandelsakkoord TISA. Dat akkoord gaat over de privatisering van de openbare diensten. Voorlopig is Uruguay het enige land ter wereld dat beslist niet tot grote …
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Winter-Weary Couples Leave Newark for Romantic Caribbean Getaway

FrostWire Sticker on a Pink Dell Laptop with lots of other stickers – From Mexico City by @pockygirl7
p2p Mexico

Image by frostwire.com
Get your free stickers at frostwire.com/stickers (you only cover shipping)

Got Android?

Winter-Weary Couples Leave Newark for Romantic Caribbean Getaway
Based in Atlanta, Vacation Express, part of Sunwing Travel Group, is a tour operator specializing in quality, affordable vacation packages to over 30 destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico and Costa Rica and most recently, Cuba! Now in business for over …
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Specialty Oilfield Chemicals Market 2016 by Type, Application, and by Region
The enormous potentials in the EOR and shale reserves exploration, particularly in Canada and Mexico, are expected to further drive the specialty oilfield chemicals market in North America. On the other hand, the Middle East & Africa is projected to …
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Great Panther reports fatality at Guanajuato Mine Complex
15, 2016 /CNW/ – GREAT PANTHER SILVER LIMITED (TSX: GPR; NYSE MKT: GPL) ("Great Panther"; the "Company") regrets to report the fatality of a contract scooptram operator that occurred at its Guanajuato Mine Complex in Mexico on Friday evening. The …
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Americas Silver Corporation Announces Closing of U.S. .9 Million Credit Facility
… precious metals from its existing asset base and execution of targeted accretive acquisitions. It owns and operates the Cosala Operations in Sinaloa, Mexico and the Galena Mine Complex in Idaho, USA. …. By Liz McMillan. P2P RTC will impact the …
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Growing Burden of Lifestyle Diseases in Emerging Countries – By 2030, NCDs are
The 6th WebRTC Summit continues our tradition of delivering the latest and greatest presentations within the world of WebRTC. Topics include voice calling, video chat, P2P file sharing, and use cases that have already leveraged the power and …
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Kohus saatis väikelapse vägistanud mehe kuueks aastaks trellide taha

Brussels 0649 R Brussels a La Rue et l’Eglise Ste-Gudule St.-Gudule street and church year 1935.
eMule Belgium

Image by Morton1905
0649 R Brussels a La Rue et l’Eglise Ste-Gudule St.-Gudule street and church year 1935. L’église Notre-Dame du Sablon, (en néerlandais: Onze-Lieve-Vrouw ten Zavel) est un édifice religieux situé en bordure du Sablon à Bruxelles. Ce n’est qu’à partir du xviiie siècle1 plus précisément dès le 8 mai 1716 qu’on trouve une trace écrite du nom Notre-Dame des Victoires, qui était déjà à cette époque en usage dans le peuple, parce que l’on croyait, à tort2, qu’elle avait été fondée pour célébrer la victoire du duc Jean Ier à la bataille de Worringen.
L’arrivée en 1348 d’une Vierge miraculeuse dont le culte et la procession appelée Ommegang allaient bientôt supplanter la dévotion et la procession à Saint-Michel allait donner à cette église un rôle majeur dans la vie sociale bruxelloise.
En 1304, la mère supérieure de l’Hôpital Saint-Jean céda au Grand Serment des arbalétriers une partie du terrain que l’hôpital possédait au Sablon pour y construire une petite chapelle dédiée à la vierge. Elle portait en latin le nom de Capella Beatae Mariae super Zabulum. La renommée de ce modeste sanctuaire crut lorsqu’y fut transportée en 1348 une statuette miraculeuse de la vierge. Selon la tradition, cette statuette aurait été amenée d’Anvers par une certaine Beatrijs Soetkens. La renommé de la statuette attira les dévots et grâce aux offrandes qui affluaient, les arbalétriers purent construire un nouveau sanctuaire au xve siècle.
La progression de ce chantier long de près d’un siècle est mal connue, à cause de la disparition des archives des arbalétriers. Le chœur était achevé en 1435, comme en attestent des peintures murales portant cette date. Le transept nord était sans doute achevé vers 1450, et l’on travaillait au transept sud et aux cinq premières travées de la nef. Les travaux s’interrompirent au cours de la période d’instabilité politique qui suivit la mort de Charles le Téméraire en 1477. Ils reprirent à la fin du siècle et la nef comporta finalement sept travées dont les deux dernières auraient dû être surmontées d’une tour qui ne fut jamais construite. Le sacrarium, un petit édifice construit en hors-d’œuvre derrière le chœur, date de 1549, À la fin du XVIe siècle, l’église fut saccagée par les calvinistes. C’est alors que fut détruite la statue de la Vierge apportée par Beatrijs Soetkens3.
Au xviie siècle, la famille des Tour et Taxis4, dont l’hôtel était situé à peu près en face du portail sud de l’église, fit construire deux chapelles : la chapelle Sainte-Ursule au nord du chœur (1651-1676), commencée par l’architecte Luc Fayd’herbe et terminée par Vincent Anthony, et la chapelle Saint-Marcou au sud du chœur (1690).
Sous le régime français, l’église fut épargnée par le zèle anti-religieux des révolutionnaires, son curé ayant accepté de prêter serment à la République. Elle fut néanmoins fermée pendant quelques années, puis rendue au culte sous Napoléon Ier, comme succursale de l’église Notre-Dame de la Chapelle.
Peu après le percement du dernier tronçon de la rue de la Régence en 1872, on dégagea l’église des bâtiments qui la parasitaient du côté de la nouvelle artère ainsi que du côté de la rue Bodenbroek et de la rue des Sablons. L’église dégagée de sa gangue apparut tellement délabrée qu’on entreprit immédiatement des travaux de restauration. Les premiers travaux furent confiés dès 1870 à l’architecte Auguste Schoy. Ce dernier propose un projet de restaurations tellement radical, que la Commission des Monuments refusa d’abord d’y donner son aval, parce qu’elle le trouvait fantaisiste5. Soy se limita donc à des travaux plus modestes : remise en état des bas-côtés du côté de la rue de la Régence, réouverture de la fenêtre en arc brisé de la façade de la rue des Sablons, bouchée au XVIIIe siècle pour l’installation d’orgues, et remplacement de la rosace du portail nord par une fenêtre en arc brisé. Le chantier fut ensuite confié à Jules-Jacques Van Ysendijck et ensuite à son fils Maurice. Jules-Jacques van Ysendijck était un émule d’Eugène Viollet-le-Duc et mena les travaux conformément au principe d’unité de style de ce dernier. De 1895 à 1912, en six campagnes de travaux, lui et son fils créèrent un monument qui n’avait jamais existé, en y ajoutant des clochetons, des pinacles, des balustrades ajourées, en couvrant les collatéraux par des batières perpendiculaires à la place de la batière continue parallèle à la nef et en construisant des arcs-boutants munis de pinacles. De 1917 à 1937, l’architecte François Malfait dirige la mise en place de 57 statues provenant de 27 sculpteurs différents.

Kohus saatis väikelapse vägistanud mehe kuueks aastaks trellide taha
Kohus tunnistas 61-aastase mehe süüdi väikelapse korduvas vägistamises ning mõistis talle üheksa-aastase vangistuse, mida lühimenetluse tõttu vähendati kohe ühe kolmandiku võrra, kirjutab ERR Uudised. Põhja ringkonnaprokuratuuri süüdistuse järgi …
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More Belgium News on ABRABEL.

The dismal Liz Truss is a wash out, and the EU's latest fishing fiasco

WikiLeaks Brazil

Image by J.K. Chen

The dismal Liz Truss is a wash out, and the EU's latest fishing fiasco
How perfectly symbolic was that picture of our Environment Secretary, Liz Truss, standing next to the remains of a 200-year-old bridge whose collapse into the River Wharfe has condemned the residents of Tadcaster to a 12-mile detour to get from one …
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US Tries To Reassure Japan After Wikileaks Reveal Spying On Japanese
Abe had expressed deep concern about the documents WikiLeaks published last week, and vowed to bring up the issue with the U.S. The response appeared to come in the phone call with Biden, who has an established relationship with Abe after years of in …
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Ai Weiwei and Julian Assange Hung Out in London and Grabbed This Epic Selfie
Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist who has been called his country's most dangerous man, is in London, where he's apparently been hanging out with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In a picture Ai posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday night, the two …
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What do we actually know about the Gitmo detainees?
On Wednesday the Department of Defense announced 10 additional detainees would be released from the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, lowering the population of detainees to 93. All of the 10 people released Wednesday were from Yemen, a country …
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Atlas Energy Group And Atlas Resource Partners To Release Financial Results

Atlas Energy Group And Atlas Resource Partners To Release Financial Results
This call is being webcast live and can be accessed by investors and other interested parties from the Investor Relations section of Atlas Resource Partners' website at www.atlasresourcepartners.com or from the Investor Relations section of Atlas …
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MDU Resources Announces Pat O'Bryan Leaving Company
BISMARCK, ND–(Marketwired – February 18, 2016) – MDU Resources Group Inc. (NYSE: MDU) today announced that Pat O'Bryan, president and CEO of subsidiary Fidelity Exploration & Production Company, is leaving the company, effective Feb. 29.
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Huge Colorful Toy Sculptures And Spring Blooms Come Together For Interactive
In his session at @ThingsExpo, Indraneel Mitra, Senior Solutions Architect & Technology Evangelist at Cognizant, will provide valuable information and resources for both novice and experienced developers on how to get started with IoT and Golang in a …
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Zcash, a Privacy-Focused Alternative to Bitcoin, Launches Technology Preview
The Next Web notes that Zcash is a for-profit company that aims to “tax” mined Zcash coins at a rate of 11 percent. Ten percent will go to fund the company and pay back its early investors, while one percent will go to a not-for-profit created to …
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Japanese Gamers Can Pay with WebMoney Japan G2A Announces
WebRTC is the future of browser-to-browser communications, and continues to make inroads into the traditional, difficult, plug-in web communications world. The 6th WebRTC Summit continues our tradition of … In his session at @ThingsExpo, Indraneel …
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Hertz Global Holdings To Hold Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Earnings Webcast
WebRTC is the future of browser-to-browser communications, and continues to make inroads into the traditional, difficult, plug-in web communications world. The 6th WebRTC Summit continues our tradition of … In his session at @ThingsExpo, Indraneel …
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France summons US ambassador over spying report: source

France summons US ambassador over spying report: source
PARIS French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius summoned the U.S. ambassador to France on Wednesday to explain a WikiLeaks report that the United States spied on three French presidents between at least 2006 and 2012, a French diplomatic source said.
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USA: 4 millions de dollars pour renverser le président bolivien
Selon M. Vold, WikiLeaks a mis en ligne plus de 14.000 documents faisant mention de la Bolivie. Cela signifie que ce pays riche en pétrole et autres ressources naturelles revêt une grande importance pour la stratégie américaine dans cette région.
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Julian Assange
05/02. Wikileaks. Londres "rejette" la décision de l'ONU sur Assange. 05/02. WikiLeaks. Julian Assange a été "arbitrairement détenu", juge l'ONU. Le journal du jour. Une Ouest-France du lundi 15 février 2016, cliquez pour s'abonner. Le journal du lundi
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WikiLeaks : un comité de l'ONU demande la remise en liberté de Julian Assange
Cet Australien a fondé WikiLeaks il y a 10 ans. Cette plateforme en ligne a révélé plusieurs affaires financières, d'espionnage et même des secrets défense. Les États-Unis réclament son extradition, tout comme la Suède, où Julian Assange est accusé de …
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Dengen Chronicles, il trading card game italiano arriva alla versione 4.0

Dengen Chronicles, il trading card game italiano arriva alla versione 4.0
Ormai lo sapete, Dengen Chronicles è uno dei nostri trading card game preferiti. Non solo perché è stato realizzato da sviluppatori italiani – e noi amiamo promuovere i progetti “made in Italy” che lo meritano – ma anche perché la versione mobile del …
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Articolo 18, ovvero come distruggere i sogni imprenditoriali
Il vero cancro del lavoro in Italia è proprio questo: la bassa produttività, perché con essa vengono ovviamente meno gli investimenti produttivi. Che senso ha impiantare un'azienda in Italia se i dipendenti altrove rendono di più? L'obiettivo di …
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