What is the best program to download files at the moment?

Question by Moby: What is the best program to download files at the moment?
p2p software sometimes doesn’t deliver the same way they used to. What do you guys recomend.

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Answer by FleshWound
Depends on the files. If the files are on web pages, I use a web browser. If the files are on an FTP site, I use an FTP client. If the file is being sent to me by someone on IM, I use an IM client.

Your question is rather ambiguous.

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Does anyone know any sites that I can read books in Korean online?

Question by BrittaneyD: Does anyone know any sites that I can read books in Korean online?
I am trying to learn Korean. I want to read stories so I can better my reading in Korean and because I want to know what words Koreans use the most. I just want to find short stories or maybe books that I can read online. I googled it but I got nothing.

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Answer by Fire wolf
Go to this website.

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How do u think about it in term of economic?

Question by Jackie…boy: How do u think about it in term of economic?
File sharing has been a huge issue. Publisher lose money, government lose income (tax). So government turn to sue eDonkey for the lost. But i wonder who should be sue? eDonkey or user (assume that is possible to track down user) ? and Why?

eDonkey release the following statement: “MetaMachine does not have any control over the exchange of material over peer-to-peer networks, even when users utilize MetaMachine software. Nonetheless, MetaMachine strongly encourages users to respect and abide by copyright laws, which benefit us all.”

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Answer by Colorado
eHee eHaw

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Q&A: Can peer-to-peer programs track the download history of certain items?

Question by John the Giant: Can peer-to-peer programs track the download history of certain items?
I have noticed on several occasions that Limewire and Ares carry a disturbing amount of child porn, bestiality, and God knows what else in searches for more legal varieties of porn. Don’t these P2P programs have a way of determining the users who share or download such files? I find it hard to believe that it has never been reported, at the very least. Surely something can be done about it.

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Answer by jmf931
Yes they can. And as far as legality, prosecutors hands are tied, they Limewire are just a platform and not the individuals or organization that’s putting up the files. Currently Internet Service Providers (ISP) are shutting down you the user for downloading the garbage from these sites. I would say contact your congressman, but they get too much of a kickback (contributions) from these organizations.

In light of the recent $ 220,000 judgment against the woman in Minnesota that was using a music sharing program, I want to make sure that no one in my household is engaging in this type of activity. How do I check my computer to make sure that none of this type of activity is going on?

The dangers for those that install and run file sharing programs continues to grow and now there is a legal precedent for the music and movie industries to come after folks that engage in this type of activity.

The popularity of the original Napster (it is now a legitimate service), which is credited with launching the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing phenomenon has raised a generation of computer users that thinks it’s OK to download copyrighted material from the Internet.

It has always been illegal to engage in the sharing of copyrighted materials such as music, movies and software and this latest legal decision should be a wakeup call for anyone that has been taking this lightly.

Not only is there a legal issue involved, the P2P software used to connect with others is usually loaded with spyware and adware and puts your computer at a much higher risk of contracting viruses, worms or other malicious software that poses as a legitimate download.

Most of these programs put themselves into the startup of your computer so they automatically load whenever you start your computer, which also causes your computer and the Internet to be slower.

Start your search by looking at all of the icons in your Systray (lower right hand corner next to the clock). Float your mouse cursor over each icon so you can identify what each one is associated with. If you don’t know what a particular description means, do a Google search (for the displayed description) to learn more about what that program does.

There are over 150 different programs being used by various file sharing networks with new programs being released on a weekly basis. Some of the more popular programs in use today include KaZaa, Limewire, eMule, Morpheous, Shareaza, Grokster, iMesh, Blubster, uTorrent (or any programs have the term “torrent” in the name), Gnutella, Soulseek, Filetopia, WinMX, Bearshare and eDonkey.

The next step is to review all of the programs installed on your computer by looking at the list in the “Programs” section of Windows. Click on the Start button, then on “All Programs” and investigate any program that you don’t recognize by either opening the program or doing a Google search to learn more.

The third way to check your computer is through the Add/Remove programs section of the Control Panel. This will alphabetically list all the program installed on your computer and give you the option of uninstalling any of them.

If you do find that there is P2P file sharing software installed on your computer, you would be wise to remove it then run a complete deep scan of your computer for viruses, adware and spyware since these are almost guaranteed “companions”.

If all of this is too much, consult a trusted computer service resource as this one is too important to ignore.

Once you get your computer cleaned up, be sure to have a discussion with everyone in your household so they understand the legal, financial and infected computer consequences if they reinstall any of these kinds of programs.

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Pourquoi j’arrive pas à télécharger avec emule island, quand je lance le téléchargement?

Question by aior: Pourquoi j’arrive pas à télécharger avec emule island, quand je lance le téléchargement?
il s’affiche mais reste en stand by (barre de téléchargement rouge)alors que je suis bien connecté au serveur edonkey et emule.
Je suis arrivé à télécharger 2 ou 3 albums ou mp3 mais limewire marche à tous les coups par exemple et est bcp plus simple d’utilisation (en fait un gamin de 3 ans peut s’en servir)



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Answer by N154SD
je ne peux pas te dire je suis nul complet dans ce genre de chose, mais calmes toi il y a bien quelqu’un qui va te renseigner ! bonne journée !

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Where can i download hard to find films?

Question by princess ally: Where can i download hard to find films?
Hi guys!
I want to download 80’s films and tv series to add to my collection and find that some are really hard to find!
can anyone recommend a good software? I’m using emule/edonkey at the minute.

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Answer by Luis P
go here and do offers

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Q&A: Donde consigo juegos para la Palm Zire 22?

Question by wichosaenz: Donde consigo juegos para la Palm Zire 22?
Ando buscando juegos para mi Palm Zire 22, porque me han pasado algunos de ellos y para el OS si funcionan, pero ya al momento de operarlos estan hechos para otro tipo de dispositivos y lo botones no coinciden

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Answer by MAY
Tengo algunos juegos para la palm, pero no se que version de tu os es, mi palm es 5.0 y no hay problema, los consegui buscando en un progrma p2p como ares, y beno hay unois jeugos muy padres, si quieres algunos enviame un mail y te paso algunos, los pruebas y ves si funcionan o no.

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what is the emule?

Question by Zenlami C: what is the emule?

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Answer by TIMOTHY D L
eMule is a free software peer to peer file sharing application that works with both the eDonkey network and the Kad network. eMule’s codebase forms the basis for a Linux-specific client, xMule, and a multiplatform client, aMule.

The distinguishing features of eMule are the direct exchange of sources between client nodes, fast recovery of corrupted downloads, and the use of a credit system to reward frequent uploaders. Furthermore, eMule transmits data in Zlib-compressed form to save bandwidth. Another feature of eMule, or any eDonkey network client in general, is the ability to accept ‘ed2k: URI scheme’ (ed2k Links, eDonkey links) from a web browser and begin downloading the file(s) these links refer to. These links ensure that the file being downloaded shares the same hash, and therefore is not a “fake”. Matching file sources is verified through the use of the MD4 algorithm.

eMule is coded in Visual C++ .NET using the Microsoft Foundation Classes and because it is a popular open-source program, hundreds of eMule mods (modifications of the original eMule) have appeared on the Internet.

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